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Building Management

Building Management

With many years’ experience in large hotel building maintenance and management, body corporate facilities management and customer relations, we offer a comprehensive, superior and uniquely friendly approach to looking after your building.

We protect the building’s assets – everything from the façade or building envelope, to the integrity of the floors, walls, ceilings, as well as all of the furniture, fixtures, and equipment inside. This also includes power and water distribution throughout the building, sewage, the heating-ventilation-air conditioning system, the fire alarm system and fire safety components, elevators, and the property surroundings – like parking and landscaping.

Additionally we liaise between tenants, owners, committee members and the secretary to achieve results and manage expectations.

Most importantly, since every building and property is unique, we provide a personalised building management solution for each building we manage.

All this is done within the parameters of your budgets and we ensure your building is spending these funds appropriately and preventatively.

Our hands on team and trusted partners provide your building with the complete assurance that all areas are being looked after correctly and comply with best industry and council standards.

Concierge Services

Concierge Services

In addition to the work we carry out on behalf of body corporates, we also offer ancillary services in a number of buildings we are involved with.

These services such as private apartment cleaning, carpet cleaning, drycleaning and handyman services are very well received by many residents.

Grounds Maintenance and Gardening

Grounds Maintenance and Gardening

A high standard of presentation of the grounds and gardens within your property is critical in creating a welcoming environment for residents and visitors.

We can implement an individual programme suited to your needs. For example, on one of our sites we happily maintain a herb garden with the help of one of green thumb residents!

Some of our regular activities are:

  • clearing leaves and litter
  • regular and seasonal maintenance of shrubs and trees
  • digging, planting and weeding garden beds and border
  • laying mulch (compost, bark or other materials) around plants
Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

A clean building is a sign of many things – things that reflect directly on the owners of a building!

Our cleaners perform a variety of tasks to ensure that the presentation and appearance of your building’s common areas is of the highest possible standard.

We assess a building’s specific needs, and then recommend and put in place a programme to ensure the best result. This programme is regularly reviewed and adjusted as required.